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Episode 023 - Guess Who’s Back

Early again? Don't get used to it. The prodigal bro has returned and is driving the bus once again. We get back into it as Norm brings moonshine and................Zima back from his travels. We get into some sports talk some WWE and show some love to Matt Turner once again. Norm has a giant list to cover and Puck remembers to follow up on "Is It Porn?" from two podcasts ago.


Episode 022 - The Absence of Norm

We are early everyone!  This week 1/2 of the bros are on vacation so we asked our buddy Mark to fill in for young Norman, drink beers and bro out with Puck.  This week talk about road trips, tell some dark stories about our family pets growing up, give you an update on the official wrestling bro Matt Turner and Guardians of the Valley match, discuss sitting down to pee and have a some Citrus and the newest Project Haze.  Don't get used to the calm people.  Something tells me Norm and I will be in overdrive next week when he gets back.  Until then, enjoy.


episode 021 - Is It In You?

We are back at it with some beers and nonsense.  We drink a little Green Flash Soul Style and talk about WWE, the royal order of adjectives, Matt Turners triple threat match, and we talk a little about supplements.   Be sure to catch Matt Turner on at 7 o'clock on Saturday.  


Episode 020 - Jeffery

What happens when a threesome turns into a fivesome?  Episode 020 that's what.  We invite our buddy Jeff down to chat over some beers and drink some Night Shift Morph and our live audience turns into contributors.  We ramble on about canadian mints, gravy porn, Jeff's bowling alley street fight, computer nerd shit, and Norm still wants to talk about hall and oates.  Brace your ear holes people.


episode 019 #sorrynotsorry

We are back at it.  Returning to form with many beers and a strong pregame, we tackle all of life's important questions which are limited to beer, rugby and sports injuries.  For these drunken shenanigans we are #sorrynotsorry

Episode 018 Fuck Chase

So much topics covered in this episode.  We talk about Norm and his etown rugby coaching, wwe ladies tourney, paw patrol, a Rugby Roundup, and Norm goes off the rails on coaching his daughters 8u softball team.  All that and so much more.  Get down and dirty with us while we drink some Terrapin Hi 5 ipa.  We promised you Terrapin.  You got Terrapin.


Episode 017 - The Dad Interview

This week Norm has a sit down with his dad and lets him tell you some hopefully entertaining stories.  We also sit around talk about breweries, Jim Thorpe, and vines while slammin our favorite cheap beer, Hamm's.  


Episode 016 - Payback

We try something new this week and did the Brocast while watching WWE Payback Sunday night.  We cover a wide range of topics like a Sportsmans Double, puck decisions, Rugby Roundup and "What's up with peeing so much?".  We introduce a rant of the week and all while intermittently weaving in and out of WWE updates. Bada Boom!


Episode 015 - Chaos

An exhausted Puck can do nothing but hang on for the ride as the episode goes almost entirely Rugby Round-up.  We do skim over Harrisburg Beer Week, and Norm's shape up before we interview former Bloomsburg rugby stand out Chaos.  


Episode 014 - Steve Jobs and Hand Jobs

Delve balls deep into episode 014 where we have yet another technical difficulty 12 minutes into the cast but recover a day later and let Norm professes his love for Apple yet again, talk about Handjob Karaoke, and revel in the return of Rugby Roundup.